Spellbound: Children’s Fantasy E-zine

Spellbound: A children's fantasy e-zineStarting in December 2014 Spellbound is moving to a free subscription model. Sign up now to insure you get your first free issue, Elementals, when it comes out.

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Spellbound is a fantasy magazine for children ages 8-12.

Published quarterly, each issue contains fantasy stories, poetry, art and more all centered around a featured creature.  Issues come in a DRM-free ePub format.  The e-zine can be read on Nooks, Kindles, iPads, Kobos and many other ereaders, as well as laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Spellbound is dedicated to putting together a publication that emphasizes diversity and inclusiveness.  We actively seek stories, poetry and artwork that reflect a wide range of cultures, and characters. We believe that stories are important and can change the world and we hope to have a positive impact on young readers.

Pick up a copy today and share a world of fiction, poetry and artwork with the children in your life.

Click on the cover to learn more about each issue and to buy your copy.

Spellbound Winter 2012 Issue: Rings and other Magic Things Spellbound Spring 2013 Issue: Changelings and Doppelgangers Spellbound Summer 2013 Issue: Dragons Spellbound Fall 2013 Issue: Creatures of the Deep, Dark Woods Spellbound Winter 2013: Giants! Cover art by Karen Ann Hollingsworth Cover Spellbound Spring 2014 Issue: Dwarves

What they are saying about Spellbound 

“I can’t recommend this e-zine enough for young fantasy lovers (and us not-so-younguns as well!) or young readers you want to introduce the fantasy genre to. With each issue of Spellbound, young readers will find themselves in a world of magic, tricksy creatures, surprising wonders, and so much more!” – Word Spelunking

This chapbook-format quarterly distinguishes itself from a host of other small press f/sf magazines by aiming squarely at the juvenile audience. It scores a direct hit, too, with high-calibre stories, poetry, and articles focused on the “feature creature” of the issue and on other folklore/fairy tale/mythology themes. – Donna Farley, Black Gate

It’s great to see people putting out fantasy magazines for children.  Spellbound has a good variety of stories for younger readers. – Dave Kirtley, Tangent

As a reviewer of children’s and young adult material, as an author of the same genres, and as a mother of three creative children, I high recommend Spellbound. – Jennifer LB Leese

The relaunch of Spellbound wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our Kickstarter backers!

Gallery of Previous Issues’ Cover Art

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