Miscellanea: the Transdimensional Library

Miscellanea: the Transdimensional Library collects and provides access to books, periodicals, multi- and other-media materials from over a thousand different planes of existence. Members can access materials with their library card (subject to cellular compatibility with host planes and provided that there is no danger of paradox, violations of the space and time continuum, or library fines).

The Last Will And Testament Of Merik Sozfer by Andy Brown In Search of the Zombie Family by Charlotte Cowie

How to Exbibliate a Corpse by Andrew M. Moravec How Alari Gave the Gift of Lurai to the People by Sandi Leibowitz

Life Science by Sara Kate Ellis And Now, A Message From A Future Sponsor Of This Fine Publication by Kara Lee

As Fine As Frogs' Hair by James Door History by Niccolo Skill

The Janitor The Sungardener’s Review of Books by Jordan Taylor

The Janitor Sofri's Annotated E'Dzankari Phrasebook for Beginners, 17th Edition by Joanna Hoyt

The Horns of the Celestial Cow, Being a Compendium of Useful Spells by Aquila Luna M-2012-05-28-small

The Remaining Page of Nightlife in a Post-Material World by Ewan C. Forbes The Baruna Daily Advertiser by Joyce Frohn

Little House in the Crater by Emily Martha Sorensen Catalog Card for The Acts of Saint Galdran by Brother Zett

The Librarian Letters to the Library, Part 2

Letters to the Library

You can view previous additions to the library in the Recovery Department Exhibit.

“The Librarian” & “The Janitor” images copyright 2012, Chase Goostree.

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  1. [...] must be a good writing day; I’ve just polished up another piece for submission to “Miscellanea: a transdimensional library“, a collection of excepts from fictional/unwritten books being assembled by Eggplant Literary [...]

  2. [...] I have had two little pieces published on the Eggplant Literary Productions site in the section they call Miscellanea: The Transdimensional Library. [...]

  3. [...] Literary Productions has accepted my story extract, Splinter, for their Miscellanea Transdimensional Library. This fantastic library is filled with excerpts from books that have never existed or are yet [...]


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